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I Used To Suffer Arthritis

Case study: Andy Thomas
I’m pretty sure I would still be suffering if I had not discovered Shelly Mannings’s arthritis program.

I highly recommend Shelly’s program to anyone suffering arthritis pain.

Because, it’s a strange thing.

I recall clearly the day that I realized my arthritis really and truly was gone…

I almost couldn’t believe it but I knew it was true.

I stood there looking out of my bedroom window at the street outside and I watched a young child run past.

And I realized, I can do that now!

I consciously checked my body for a sign, a sensation – anything that would remind me of arthritis… but I couldn’t find any. It was gone – and I knew it wasn’t coming back.

I fought arthritis and, finally, I won.

That was one of the happiest days of my life. And yet…

I stood at my window unsure whether to laugh or cry.

I should have laughed really.

But, at the same time, I was angry.

My story isn’t that different from any other arthritis sufferer. It might be similar to yours.

For 5 years I had horrible, debilitating arthritis. I hurt so much that at times I just lay there and tried not to cry.

It cost me many nights of poor, disturbed sleep and left me physically exhausted, moody and irritable.

I had to develop strategies to cope with the most basic house chores because walking and lifting things was sometimes nearly impossible.

Enjoying hobbies or social events with friends and family became significantly more difficult.

My wonderfully supportive family fetched and carried for me. They put up with canceled plans and my irritable moods… They did it cheerfully but I felt really bad for what my condition put them through.

I struggled at work… time taken off because you’re too ill to walk doesn’t help anybody’s job prospects. I also didn’t know how I’d even get to work if I became too ill to drive…

I was scared out of my wits about where this all might end. I was constantly anxious about how my arthritis might develop into something even worse… because that’s exactly what arthritis does.

I did not want to reach a point of no return.

I didn’t want to end up irreversibly disabled by a condition that I just couldn’t find a way to tackle.

Pain, worry, anxiety…. That was my life.

But that was then.

It feels like a lifetime ago. Because now that’s all gone.

No more pain. None at all.

No more lost sleep.

No more trying to organize my life around a condition that was very gradually getting worse.

No more fears about a disease that was, bit by bit, stealing my life away from me.

I’m at the healthiest and happiest I’ve been in my adult life!

So why should I be so angry now my arthritis is gone?

I’m angry because of what I now know.

Which is this: that arthritis isn’t natural, isn’t inevitable and that large parts of the world have far, far less arthritis than we do because they know how to deal with it.

No meds or drugs. No treatments or surgeries. No doctors, clinics or hospitals.

I could have finished off my arthritis in 4 weeks. If I’d known…

Instead, I endured 5 years of pointless, unnecessary pain.

The remedies are very quick, very effective, and cost next to nothing.

But only now are we, the people, actually finding out.

Doctors were unable to offer any comfort

My doctor seemed genuinely concerned about my condition but offered me pretty standard treatments… pain killers, some anti-inflammatories and general advice.

Sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t.

Over time I realized that he wasn’t really trying to cure the disease. He didn’t know how to. He was trying his best to manage it, basically.

This went on for 5 years. I spent close to $10,000 on this disease. I was basically throwing money at a problem that refused to budge.

I persisted because I was scared my arthritis would leave me wheelchair-bound or, worse, bed-bound. It happens to others; I couldn’t bear the thought of it happening to me.

I’m not a natural worrier but, perhaps like you, I knew how it could all end. And that’s a deeply unpleasant prospect…

Arthritis meds can be worse than arthritis

I learned quickly that the side-effects of arthritis drugs could easily be worse than the arthritis itself.

And this cuts across every single type of arthritis.

Near-lethal side-effects include liver disease, kidney disease, increased risk of blood clots – with the added possibility of heart-attack or stroke.

Also on the side-effects menu are cataracts, increased appetite (hello, obesity) and bone loss. Add to that increased blood fat and blood sugar levels and you almost feel the rest of your health deteriorating.

All this makes lesser side-effects – like nausea, vomiting, stomach ulcers and increased susceptibility to infection seem positively joyful by comparison.

These potential risks made me very reluctant to fill my body with chemical treatments.

Which meant I was now truly stuck. Nothing I had tried made any measurable difference.

I knew people with other types of arthritis who were in the same boat. I wanted to do something to get rid of this darned pain but I was out of ideas.

And then one day, I found out something incredible. Actually, I found somebody incredible.

Then I found someone who did know how to handle arthritis

After 5 years of suffering I won the battle against my arthritis. And I won it in less than 4 weeks.

It felt like an overnight success – even though that overnight success took years to come about.

The first – slight – improvements in my condition occurred even more quickly: after about 3 days, in fact. Not a massive improvement – more a slight lessening of the pain and stiffness.

But I had been very steadily deteriorating over those years so even the tiniest of improvements felt like a miracle.

But that was nothing to what came next.

In under 4 weeks I was free of all arthritis pain. I had not a single trace of stiffness. And, for the first time in years, I could walk and move without even a hint of discomfort.

That was over a year ago and I’ve not had even a twinge of the disease since then.

My journey out of arthritis pain…

Shelly Manning lives not far from an uncle of mine.

He told me about her because she’d been featured in a local newsletter.

She’d helped dozens of people put an end to their arthritis and had become a local celebrity because her natural, simple-to-apply remedy worked.

Her story is a fascinating one.

Shelly had suffered arthritis for years. Some years ago she’d traveled to Hong Kong and, on her first day there, was suddenly and spectacularly crippled with an arthritis attack.

She sat at a table outside a cafe and the Chinese lady who owned the place had taken pity on her. And offered her…


And soup.

Shelly couldn’t move for the pain in her joints. So she drank the tea and then the soup. And thought little more of it until an hour later she braced herself to get out of her chair.

Which, almost shockingly, she did with unexpected ease.

She stood upright, mentally scanned her body for pain and realized there and then… there was hardly any at all.

Cured? No. Not that quickly.

Improved? Yes. Considerably.

The end of her arthritis? Not yet. Soon – but not right away.

The owner of the cafe – the English version of her name was ‘Jane’ – smiled at Shelly’s astonishment. But she wasn’t even slightly surprised.

That kind of thing is normal in some parts of the east. Like a scratch that heals the next day, remedies for painful, ‘incurable’ western diseases are quick – and their successes are commonplace.

Shelly visited Jane’s cafe every day for the 10 days that she was in Hong Kong.

By the 10th day Shelly’s arthritis was a shadow of its former self.

And unwilling to ever suffer it again Shelly sat down with Jane and they had a long, long conversation about the ingredients in Jane’s food.

When Shelly returned to the US she researched extensively, trying to find out why such everyday supermarket ingredients were so powerful in the treatment of arthritis.

Her first surprise was that there were dozens of research papers from prestigious institutions all over North America and Europe that confirmed that these alternative approaches to arthritis worked.

Her second surprise was that most standard western medicine focused on arthritis symptoms rather than its causes. Which is the direct opposite of eastern medicine’s approach.

When you know what actually causes arthritis then you realize why specific foods will end that arthritis.

These realizations formed the basis of her program. And thousands of arthritis-free people form its evidence.

Arthritis has a simple cause… and a simple response eliminates that cause

Shelly’s program was an absolute revelation. You can read it for yourself but here are some highlights:

In many countries arthritis is much less frequent than it is here

Most of us are used to the idea now that nasty, painful, sometimes-fatal diseases in the west are often far less common in other countries.

There’s way too much evidence now to deny the reality: western culture, for all its various wonders and achievements, is often not the healthiest.

Yes, in the US we can get the best, most advanced surgery in the world. We lead the world in technological fixes for a whole range of conditions which, before, we would simply have died of.

I’m not knocking our inventiveness or technological capability.

But hundreds of studies show that Americans, Europeans, Australians and Canadians suffer much higher instances of some of the horriblest diseases known to man.

And not just a slight increase – but hundreds of percent more.

Which is why in many eastern countries chronic arthritis is regarded as a foreigners’ disease because we have so much of it.

And here’s where it’s all different

Western medicine does almost nothing to understand and address the underlying causes of arthritis – the reason why you have the condition. We tackle symptoms – leaving the causes still in place.

Eastern medicine is based on food and lifestyle and tackles arthritis at its source. Arthritis isn’t widespread in the orient because their diet already makes it rare. And if somebody does contract the disease they know how to handle it in its entirety – making arthritis even rarer.

In Jane’s home village nobody suffers from arthritis. And that’s despite her village having more than its fair share of elderly residents – and despite the fact that many villagers do the kind of manual work that might be expected to bring on joint conditions.

So given that one half of the world handles arthritis very well while the other half – ours – suffers terribly from it the big question is: why don’t we copy their simple methods and so get their fantastic results?

For my money it’s about that – money.

Our colossal industrialized health system needs illness in order to thrive.

And it certainly doesn’t welcome quick, reliable remedies that only require us to avoid certain foods and eat more of some others.

Arthritis is a $120 billion a year deal in the US – and we are that industry’s customers. Arthritis sufferers who end their pain with quick, cheap solutions are bad for business.

So eastern approaches are portrayed as weird, backward, kooky.

Even though scores of western scientists recognize it as easy, reliable and effective.

How easy is it to eat our way out of arthritis?

Now here in the west we might be told that the foods they eat over there aren’t readily available.

Or maybe they are.

But because they’re weird foods that nobody has heard of we can only get them from specific health-food shops.

And, of course, they’re imported from far away so they’ll be very expensive.

Which is all total nonsense. Complete and utter nonsense. We’re being duped.

On my first look at Shelly’s full list of anti-arthritis foods I realized it was all available from a standard American supermarket. All of it.

The specific nutrients I needed in order to demolish arthritis are in foods that, mostly, I have eaten in the past, many of which I still eat now.

All I needed to do was

– increase the number of different anti-arthritis foods I ate and

– increase the volume of those foods that I ate

It’s that simple. And the transformation was nothing short of miraculous.

So what causes arthritis?

I’ve heard all the answers: age, wear-and-tear, bad luck, genetics…

But the direct answer to the direct question is simple.

It’s inflammation. Not just inflammation in the joints but inflammation in the body.

Now some doctors do sometimes describe it as joint ‘inflammation’. Yet they go on to treat it in just the same way as every other doctor – they focus on relieving symptoms rather than removing causes.

Once Shelly found the mountain of evidence that showed that alternative approaches to arthritis worked she naturally asked the question, But why?

And the answers are contained in the research documents.

Inflammation is the cause of the arthritis I suffered for so long. And it’s the cause of yours too.

So just what is inflammation?

There’s two types: the good inflammation and the bad inflammation.

We all experience plenty of good inflammation.

The raised, red bump of a spot or insect bite… the throbbing pain and swelling of a stubbed toe…

Inflammation is our body’s response to disease, physical injury or attack by bacteria or germs. Blood rushes to the affected area, fighter cells combat infection and the accumulated activity stimulates pain receptors.

But here’s the thing: this kind of inflammation is temporary.

It subsides once the damage is properly under control. It does its work and disappears. Job done.

Chronic inflammation is a whole different kettle of fish. There’s not a single thing that’s good about it.

Chronic inflammation just doesn’t stop. It’s not responding to a single, short-lived event. It’s responding to an ongoing, day-in, day-out situation that itself never lets up.

As a result, your body is in permanent fight mode, always spewing out fighter cells, always attacking some part of you, always burning away at you.

This burning, fighting and swelling inside of your body manifests itself in disease. All sorts of disease.

And arthritis – in all its forms – is an absolutely classic outcome of chronic inflammation.

And be clear: whichever flavor of arthritis you have – Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Back pain, Gout, Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic arthritis and so on – at its most fundamental level is inflammation.

Chronic inflammation directly agitates pain receptors. Painkillers have only modest effect because while the inflammation works directly on your pain receptors and can provoke pain 24 hours a day you can’t be drugged up 24 hours a day.

My arthritis was inflammation out of control.

So is yours.

When I got that inflammation under control – when I ended it, basically – my arthritis disappeared.

What do you reckon yours will do if you do the same?

And here’s the bottom line

Here in the west we’re not tackling the inflammation. Most of the time we’re ignoring it completely.

We’re tackling the pain (with painkillers), the heat (with cold compresses) and the out-of-control immune system (with DMARDS). We’re not tackling the cause of any of these.

The inflammation we do address is the joint inflammation (with anti-inflammatories) – but not the body inflammation.

All arthritis types have inflammation as their root cause.

What makes me angry though is knowing first-hand just how easy it is to successfully treat that inflammation.

Tackling inflammation isn’t even remotely difficult.

It requires some knowledge – but no skills at all.

And it is significantly cheaper than drugs and treatments – cheaper to the point of basically being free of charge.

The methods are largely food-based. Which I’ll tell you about in a moment.

But much, much more than even the simplicity and ease of ending arthritis at its basic cause is the fact that it works so very quickly.

For some people the sudden reduction in pain and increase in mobility is unexpected to the point of being shocking.

I didn’t feel significant effects for nearly 3 days. But after 5 years of misery that 3 days felt like a blink of the eye!

Shelly Manning’s anti-arthritis strategy

The remedy for arthritis is wonderfully simple

Because arthritis isn’t natural.

It’s a disease of misuse – misuse of our bodies, largely by the poisoning effects of our diet.

And we know arthritis is not inevitable… because only some cultures suffer it like we do. Others hardly hear of it.

Arthritis is caused by inflammation. Lose the inflammation, lose the arthritis. That’s what I did. That’s what thousands of people have done. I can’t think of a single reason why it would be different for you.

So, here’s Shelly’s plan:

  1. Eliminate the lifestyle factors that make inflammation go up
  2. Add the lifestyle factors that make inflammation go down

An arthritis-friendly diet focuses on the many different foods that work directly against inflammation.

And in fact when I first ran my eyes over Shelly’s list I realised I already ate – at some point or another – about 90% of those foods.

The problem was that I just didn’t eat them often enough. Or in sufficient quantity. If they were going to work then I’d have to eat plenty of them regularly.

If I ate them in sufficient quantity – and regularly – then my arthritis would go.

Quantity makes all the difference here.

We also have to be a tiny bit careful. Some foods generally regarded as ‘healthy’ are very bad for arthritis. There’s only a few but we absolutely must avoid them.

So eating an arthritis-friendly diet is the game-changing most vital step.

Putting it all together: 21 days to a life free of pain

I have shared quite a lot with you today. The big question on my mind when I first learnt all this was, Great – but how do I start?

Shelly has this neatly covered.

Everything we’ve discussed – and quite a bit more – has been turned into a simple, follow-along 21-day program.

Each day, you do the next item on the list. You build an anti-arthritis habit one step at a time.

At the end of 21 days you have created for yourself a new, arthritis-busting habit. By which time you’ll either be well on your way to resolving your arthritis suffering… or you would already have succeeded.

My own pain subsided considerably well before I’d got to Day 21. And was completely non-existent by day 28.

Sometimes it can take as much as 28 days before things start to turn around in a truly noticeable way.

But things do turn around.

Here’s a brief look at some of the steps contained within the 21 days:

  • A very short questionnaire helped me understand my inflammation score – how much inflammation I was experiencing 
  • A 2-day elimination diet revealed which foods I was allergic or sensitive to (half of all people with inflammation can reduce or eliminate that inflammation once they discover their own food sensitivities) 
  • Daily adding new foods to your meal plans (I loved the fact that Shelly mostly concentrates on adding food – not subtracting it!) 
  • Purchase some basic vitamin supplements – Shelly discusses how to get this right so that you get good quality products that will work 
  • Purchase the absolute must-have nutrients that are going to go to town on arthritis-causing inflammation – these are going to quickly subdue inflammation 
  • If you’ve been advised to lose some weight then Shelly’s approach to weight-loss is quite unique – it’s target-oriented and so low-stress I almost wished I wanted to lose weight! 
  • Introduce some slow movements – low or no intensity and only for as long as you feel comfortable. This isn’t a workout!

Doing it in steps makes it very easy.

There’s a huge variety of food that I can eat and not a great deal that I can’t.

The key though – and this is absolutely vital – is that I eat a full diversity of foods and that I eat them in sufficient quantity.

Do that and you’re golden.

But do be careful if you’re underweight. Although this isn’t a restrictive diet (no calorie-counting, no portion control, no hunger) I did lose 12 pounds over a period of time without actually intending to. I didn’t mind – the weight was there to lose – but that’s what high-quality food does for you.

Note also that pain doesn’t disappear at the same rate across all body-parts. In my case it was my knees that were the last to finally come good – but your arthritis might heal differently.

Does the program work? Yes – and the evidence is everywhere

When it comes to research-backed arthritis treatments, nothing beats nutrition.

Consider this: it’s not modern drugs that caused your arthritis. So why should they necessarily be its remedy?

Doesn’t it make sense that you simply reverse what caused the problem in the first place?

All the natural, non-drug remedies in this programme are shown by western scientific study to be fantastically effective.

They arm the body with the nutrients it needs in order to be healthy again.

There are dozens of verifiable studies that prove Shelly’s approach

Here’s just a handful of their findings:

  • Researchers at Harvard compared inflammation in women who ate a common American diet with women who ate an inflammation-healthy diet. The standard American diet produced noticeable chronic inflammation – exactly what you don’t want if you want to be pain-free.
  • Diet has been shown to directly affect your experience of pain too – what you eat literally makes a sensation more or less painful.
  • The food effect on arthritis can’t be overstated. When German researchers asked a group of arthritis sufferers to fast for 2 days, some of those people’s pain disappeared overnight. Disappeared. Whatever it was in their diets that caused inflammation… not eating it made everything quickly
  • Way back in 1935 one particular vitamin was discovered to provide quick relief – within a few hours – from arthritis pain. The nutrient-based idea of arthritis was in its infancy back then – and that’s where it has stayed. Instead, we have gone down the drug-heavy route created for us by the pharma industry. But we knew better in 1935!
  • A Belgian study tested the vitamin theory of arthritis by giving low doses of vitamins to a variety of ill people. One of the most important markers of inflammation fell by a full 25%… in one
  • A substantial number of arthritis sufferers have unknown food sensitivities that causes the inflammation that causes arthritis. Studies that have removed the offending foods from their diet made arthritis symptoms reduce or disappear for about half the subjects.

There are dozens of other thoroughly researched, scientifically evidenced methods that make up Shelly’s arthritis plan. Each one is highly effective on its own. But as you will see for yourself, it’s Shelly’s unique combining of these methods that delivers such outstanding results for arthritis sufferers.

Backed by science, guaranteed by Shelly Manning

Shelly’s program is based on intelligent, logical food habits and modern western science. She doesn’t leave anything to chance and her year-long research into the inflammation basis of arthritis has resulted in a program that tackles all types of arthritis

– however they are experienced

– however intense they might be

– however long you’ve struggled with the disease

I remember the day I realized that not only was I free of arthritis pain… I was never going to suffer it again. It makes me smile to think about it. But Shelly’s program produces so many of these results that it’s becoming commonplace now.

So it’s no big deal for her to guarantee her results. Put simply, if within 60 days purchasing this program you are not free of all traces of arthritis pain, stiffness and sensation then you can have all your money back. No questions.

I didn’t hesitate.

I acted… and I got my life back.

Socializing, working at home, my job… I can do what I want, when I want and I know that there’s never going to be an arthritis attack to ruin things for me.

I’m so so glad I did this for myself. You’d be equally overjoyed if you did it for yourself.

Get Shelly’s course now and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Remember, what we address can get better. What we ignore gets worse.

Unfortunately, even the most well-meaning doctors are fighting a painful, chronic disease with all the wrong weapons. They don’t stand a chance against this enemy.

Follow the simple methods that have been shown in study after study after study to eliminate the inflammation that causes arthritis.

We’ve known about this for decades. It’s been kept from us because it doesn’t suit vested interests to publicize such a natural, super-cheap remedy.

But I know. Thousands of others know.

And now you do too.

Get your program here and put knowledge into action. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Get your program here and put knowledge into action. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever made.

My abiding fear when I suffered arthritis were the long-term effects. I was terrified of permanent damage to my body. People are disabled by arthritis – wheelchair-bound, even bed-bound.

If I allowed myself to reach such a point of no return I would regret it for the rest of my life.

I wasted 5 years of my life when I could have resolved the whole darned thing in less than 4 weeks. I missed so much.

I thank my lucky stars that my uncle told me about Shelly. I would hate to still have arthritis. And I don’t know how much worse it would be today…

Shelly has guaranteed this program. If anytime within 60 days of ordering you’re not satisfied with your results then you can have your money back. So the biggest risk to your health and happiness is in doing nothing.

Don’t do that to yourself.

Thousands of us who once suffered terribly now enjoy lives completely free of arthritis. You can join us right now. Click below and let’s begin!